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What are Altcoins ?

Altcoin meaning

Altcoin is a blend of the words “alternative” and “coin”, to form the term “Altcoin” and is a very common term in Cryptocurrency used to indicate an alternative to Bitcoin. Essentially the term Altcoins refers to all other cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin (BTC).

Is Ethereum an Altcoin?

By the definition above, Ethereum (the worlds second largest Cryptocurrency by Market capitalization) is classed as an Altcoin.

Price of Altcoins

Asking the price of Altcoins is like asking how long is a piece of string. There are thousands of Altcoins in the market all with varying use-cases and prices.

Below is a table of the top 25 Cryptocurrencies by market cap. I have left Bitcoin (BTC) in this table as a comparison to the other 24 in the table (the top Altcoins by Market capitalization).

# NamePriceChanges 24H Changes 30D Changes 1Y Market CapVolume 24HAvailable Supply

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