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Blockchain and cryptocurrency terminologies are complex and can be confusing. Let alone when these crypto terms turn into an abbreviation (a truncated word), acronym (abbreviations which are pronounced as words), initialism (abbreviations that are pronounced one letter at a time), slang or general blockchain jargon! There is no denying this.

While we offer a dedicated Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Glossary, which explains many terms in detail, the list below will expand on blockchain and cryptocurrency acronyms and abbreviations.

Please note, CryptoAnswers has not included the ticker code for cryptocurrencies in this list, as they are all available on the Cryptocurrency prices and Market capitalization page.

wdt_ID Abbreviation / Acronym Crypto Term / Phrase Category
1 ATH All-Time High Financial
2 ATL All-Time Low Financial
3 ALT or Altcoin Alternative Cryptocurrency (cryptocurrency other than Bitcoin) Financial
4 CEX Centralized Exchange Financial
5 CMC Coinmarketcap Financial
6 DeFi Decentralized Finance Financial
7 DLT Distributed Ledger Technology Financial
8 ERC-20 Token standard for Ethereum Standards
9 ERC-721 Token standard for NFT (non-fungible tokens) Standards
10 ETF Exchange-Traded Fund Financial
11 ETP Exchange-Traded Product Financial
12 FIAT Conventional government-issued currency (e.g. US Dollar or Euro) Financial
13 IBO Initial Bounty Offering Financial
14 ITO Initial Token Offering Financial
15 mBTC Millibitcoin (0.001 BTC) Financial
16 MCAP Market Capitalization Financial
17 PnD Pump-and-Dump scheme Financial
18 SATS Satoshis (the smallest denomination of a Bitcoin: 0.00000001 BTC) Financial
19 Tx Transaction Financial
20 TxID Transaction Identification Financial
21 uBTC MicroBitcoin (0.000001 BTC) Financial
22 UXTO Unspent Transaction Financial
23 BUIDL “Build” (purposeful misspelling for ironic meaning) Conversational
24 FOMO Fear of Missing Out Conversational
25 HODL Hold On for Dear Life (purposeful misspelling of “HOLD") Conversational
26 BTD or BTFD Buy The Dip or Buy the F*****g Dip Conversational
27 DYOR Do Your Own Research Conversational
28 FUD Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt Conversational
29 FUDster A person who spreads Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt Conversational
30 ELI5 Explain It Like I’m 5 Conversational
31 JOMO Joy of Missing Out Conversational
32 KYC Know Your Customer Regulation
33 Lambo Lamborghini (cryptocurrency term for getting rich) Conversational
34 TLT Think Long Term Conversational
35 AMA Ask Me Anything Conversational
36 REKT “Wrecked” (meaning major losses) Conversational
37 TOR The Onion Router (one who sends anonymous data) Conversational
38 CT Crypto Twitter Conversational
39 BTM Automatic Teller Machine for Bitcoin Blockchain
40 EIP-1559 Ethereum Improvement Proposal 1559 (huge upgrade and change to Ethereum’s monetary policy in 2021) Ethereum
41 PoB Proof of Burn Blockchain
42 PoD Proof of Developer Blockchain
43 SC Smart Contract Blockchain
44 UTC Coordinated Universal Time Miscellaneous
45 WP Whitepaper Blockchain
46 YTD Year to Date Miscellaneous
47 ASIC Application-Specific Integrated Circuit Hardware
48 CPU Central Processing Unit Hardware
49 FPGA Field-programmable gate array Hardware
50 GPU Graphics Processing Unit Hardware
51 HDD Hard disk drive Hardware
52 HSM Hardware Security Module Hardware
53 SSD Solid-state drive Hardware
54 ADAM Association for Digital Asset Markets Regulation
55 ADCA Australian Digital Commerce Association Regulation
56 ADI Authorised Deposit-taking Institution Regulation
57 APRA Australian Prudential Regulation Authority Regulation
58 ASIC Australian Securities and Investments Commission Regulation
59 ATO Australian Taxation Office Regulation
60 ATS Alternative Trading System Regulation
61 BCBS Basel Committee on Banking Supervision Regulation
62 CBDC Central Bank Digital Currency Regulation
63 CFTC Commodity Futures Trading Commission Regulation
64 DOJ Department of Justice Regulation
65 ESMA European Securities and Markets Authority Regulation
66 FATF Financial Action Task Force Regulation
67 FDIC Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Regulation
68 FinCEN Financial Crimes Enforcement Network Regulation
69 FINRA Financial Industry Regulatory Authority Regulation
70 FSA Financial Services Agency Regulation
71 FSB Financial Stability Board Regulation
72 FSOC Financial Stability Oversight Council Regulation
73 ICMA International Capital Market Association Regulation
74 IRS Internal Revenue Service Regulation
75 KFTC Korea Fair Trade Commission Regulation
76 OFAC Office of Foreign Assets Control Regulation
77 PSD2 Payment Services Directive Regulation
78 SEC Securities and Exchange Commission Regulation
79 TARP Troubled Asset Relief Program Regulation
80 VASP Virtual Asset Service Provider Regulation
81 2FA Two-factor authentication (Multi-factor authentication) Security
82 BLS Boneh–Lynn–Shacham Security
83 CA Certificate authority Security
84 DDoS Distributed denial-of-service Security
85 DoS Denial of service Security
86 E2EE End-to-end encryption Security
87 ECC Elliptic-Curve Cryptography Security
88 ECDSA Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm Security
89 MPC Multi-party computation Security
90 PGP Pretty Good Privacy Security
91 RSA Rivest–Shamir–Adleman Security
92 sMPC Secure multi-party computation Security
93 SSL Secure Sockets Layer Security
94 TEE Trusted Execution Environment Security
95 TLS Transport Layer Security Security
96 VPN Virtual Private Network Security
97 VRF Verifiable random function Security
98 API Application Programming Interface Software
99 CSV Comma-Separated Values Software
100 FOSS Free and Open Source Software Software
101 PWA Progressive web application Software
102 SaaS Software as a Service Software
103 REST Representational State Transfer Software
104 UI User Interface Software
105 UX User Experience Software
106 ADL Auto-deleveraging Trading
107 AON All or None Order Trading
108 APPT Average profit per trade Trading
109 ATR Average true range Trading
110 BB Bollinger Band Trading
111 DCA Dollar-Cost Averaging Trading
112 EMA Exponential Moving Average Trading
113 FA Fundamental Analysis Trading
114 FOK Fill or Kill Trading
115 ITM In the money Trading
116 MACD Moving Average Convergence Divergence Trading
117 MVRV Market Value to Realised Value Trading
118 NVT Network Value to Transactions Trading
119 OCO One-Cancels-Other Trading
120 OHLC Open high low close Trading
121 OTC Over-the-Counter Trading
122 OTM Out of the money Trading
123 ROI Return on Investment Trading
124 RSI Relative Strength Index Trading
125 SMA Simple Moving Average Trading
126 TA Technical Analysis Trading
127 VIX Volatility index Trading
128 VWAP Volume-weighted average price Trading
129 DAICO Decentralised Autonomous Initial Coin Offering Fundraising
130 DDG Due diligence questionnaire Fundraising
131 ICO Initial Coin Offering Fundraising
132 IDO Initial DEX Offering Fundraising
133 IEO Initial Exchange Offering Fundraising
134 IFO Initial Future Offering Fundraising
135 IICO Interactive Initial Coin Offering Fundraising
136 MTO Micro Token Offering Fundraising
137 MTO Milestone Token Offering Fundraising
138 PIPE Private investment in public equity Fundraising
139 RICO Reverse initial coin offering Fundraising
140 SAFT Simple Agreement for Future Tokens Fundraising
141 SPAC Special purpose acquisition company Fundraising
142 STO Security Token Offering Fundraising
143 TBC Token Bonding Curve Fundraising
144 VC Venture capital Fundraising
145 ACH Automated Clearing House Financial
146 APR Annual Percentage Rate Financial
147 BECS Bulk Electronic Clearing System Financial
148 CAGR Compound annual growth rate Financial
149 CAPM Capital asset pricing model Financial
150 CDO Collateralised debt obligation Financial
151 CFD Contract for difference Financial
152 CLO Collateralised loan obligation Financial
153 EM Emerging market Financial
154 FX Foreign exchange Financial
155 HFT High-frequency trading Financial
156 HQLA High-quality liquid assets Financial
157 IRA Individual Retirement Account Financial
158 GMRA Global Master Repurchase Agreement Financial
159 LCR Liquidity coverage ratio Financial
160 LIC Listed investment company Financial
161 LP Liquidity provider Financial
162 MBS Mortgage-backed securities Financial
163 MoE Medium of Exchange Financial
164 mREIT Mortgage real estate investment trust Financial
165 NAV Net asset value Financial
166 NPP New Payments Platform Financial
167 REIT Real estate investment trust Financial
168 RITS Reserve Bank Information & Transfer System Financial
169 SMSF Self-Managed Superannuation Fund Financial
170 SoV Store of Value Financial
171 TGA Treasury General Account Financial
172 UoA Unit of Account Financial
173 EEA Enterprise Ethereum Alliance Ethereum
174 EF Ethereum Foundation Ethereum
175 EIP Ethereum Improvement Proposal Ethereum
176 ENS Ethereum Name Service Ethereum
177 EOA Externally owned account Ethereum
178 ERC Ethereum Request for Comments Ethereum
179 ETH Ether Ethereum
180 EVM Ethereum Virtual Machine Ethereum
181 TVL Total value locked Ethereum
182 WETH Wrapped Ether Ethereum
183 GHOST Greediest Heaviest Observed Subtree Consensus
184 GRANDPA GHOST-based Recursive ANcestor Deriving Prefix Agreement Consensus
185 LFT2 Loop Fault Tolerance 2.0 Consensus
186 PoA Proof of Authority Consensus
187 PoS Proof of Stake Consensus
188 PoW Proof of Work Consensus
189 BIP Bitcoin Improvement Proposal Bitcoin
190 BTC Bitcoin Bitcoin
191 DLC Discreet log contract Bitcoin
192 LN Lightning Network Bitcoin
193 LND Lightning Network Daemon Bitcoin
194 MAST Merkelised Abstract Syntax Tree Bitcoin
195 P2EP Pay to EndPoint Bitcoin
196 P2SH Pay To Script Hash Bitcoin
197 P2WPKH Pay To Witness Public Key Hash Bitcoin
198 P2WSH Pay To Witness Script Hash Bitcoin
199 P2TR Pay to Taproot Bitcoin
200 SegWit Segregated Witness Bitcoin
201 SHA Secure Hash Algorithm Bitcoin
202 UASF User-Activated Soft Fork Bitcoin
203 AMM Automated market maker Architecture
204 CFMM Constant function market maker Architecture
205 DAG Directed Acyclic Graph Architecture
206 DAO Decentralised Autonomous Organisation Architecture
207 DApp Decentralised Application Architecture
208 DEX Decentralised Exchange Architecture
209 HTLC Hashed Timelock Contract Architecture
210 IPFS InterPlanetary File System Architecture
211 L1 Layer One Architecture
212 L2 Layer Two Architecture
213 LBP Liquidity bootstrapping pool Architecture
214 NFT Non-Fungible Token Architecture
215 P2P Peer-to-Peer Architecture
216 PKI Public Key Infrastructure Architecture
217 SMR State Machine Replication Architecture
218 TCR Token Curated Registry Architecture
219 TPS Transactions Per Second Architecture
220 UTXO Unspent Transaction Output Architecture
221 vAMM Virtual automated market maker Architecture
222 ZKP Zero-Knowledge Proof Architecture
223 zkSNARK Zero-Knowledge Succinct Non-Interactive Argument of Knowledge Architecture
224 EIPIP EIP Improvement Proposal Ethereum
225 WASM Web Assembly Ethereum
226 VDF Verifiable Delay Function Ethereum
227 DPoS Delegated Proof of Stake Consensus
228 LPoS Liquid Proof of Stake Consensus
229 NPoS Nominated Proof of Stake Consensus
230 BFT Byzantine Fault Tolerance Consensus
231 dBFT Delegated Byzantine Fault Tolerance Consensus
232 pBFT Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance Consensus
233 iBFT Istanbul Byzantine Fault Tolerance Consensus
234 Market Cap Market Capitalization Financial
235 HPS Hashes per Second Blockchain
236 BP Block Producer Miscellaneous
237 ZK Zero Knowledge Miscellaneous
238 HF Hard Fork Miscellaneous
239 SF Soft Fork Miscellaneous
240 NONCE Number Only Once Miscellaneous
241 HW Hardware Wallet Miscellaneous
242 MCD Multi-collateral Dai Miscellaneous
243 CDP Collateralized Debt Position Miscellaneous
244 SNARKs Succinct Non-Interactive ARguments of Knowledge Security
245 STARKs Scalable Transparent ARguments of Knowledge Security
246 BEP-2 Binance Chain Tokenization Standard Standards
247 BEP-20 Binance Chain Tokenization Standard Standards
248 TZIP Tezos Interoperability Proposal Standards
249 NEP NEO Enhancement Proposal Standards
250 MBT Micro Bitcoin Futures (CME Group) Trading
251 CME Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME Group) Trading
252 AML Anti-Money Laundering Financial
253 P2E Play-to-Earn Miscellaneous