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Blockchain and cryptocurrency terminologies are complex and can be confusing. Let alone when these crypto terms turn into an abbreviation (a truncated word), acronym (abbreviations which are pronounced as words), initialism (abbreviations that are pronounced one letter at a time), slang or general blockchain jargon! There is no denying this.

While we offer a dedicated Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Glossary, which explains many terms in detail, the list below will expand on blockchain and cryptocurrency acronyms and abbreviations.

Please note, CryptoAnswers has not included the ticker code for cryptocurrencies in this list, as they are all available on the Cryptocurrency prices and Market capitalization page.

wdt_ID Abbreviation / Acronym Crypto Term / Phrase Category
1 ATH All-Time High Financial
2 ATL All-Time Low Financial
3 ALT or Altcoin Alternative Cryptocurrency (cryptocurrency other than Bitcoin) Financial
4 CEX Centralized Exchange Financial
5 CMC Coinmarketcap Financial
6 DeFi Decentralized Finance Financial
7 DLT Distributed Ledger Technology Financial
8 ERC-20 Token standard for Ethereum Standards
9 ERC-721 Token standard for NFT (non-fungible tokens) Standards
10 ETF Exchange-Traded Fund Financial
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